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Capital of the Roman province of Lycia

Patara, the capital of the Roman province of Lycia, was one of the main ancient maritime and commercial centers of the eastern Mediterranean, on the southwest coast of Turkey. Because of its wealth and function as an important port in the eastern Mediterranean, Patara needed an aqueduct, both for the city and for the supply of visiting ships.
The aqueduct of Patara was built during the reign of Claudius and renovated / partly rebuilt under Vespasian after an earthquake. It transported water from sources near the village of Islamlar at 680 m a.s.l. over a distance of 22,5 km to Patara at 50 m a.s.l. The aqueduct comprises five bridges as well as a stretch of pressurized conduit, an inverted siphon locally known as Delikkemer. There seem to be at least two stages in the development of the aqueduct.
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