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Share your TikTok, YouTube and personal videos A Video Platform for WTACH Members Ltd is a portal for promoting travel and tourism with the use of videos. The company is a member of WTACH and wants to help promote other Members, specifically places of historical and cultural importance.

How WTACH Members Can Benefit from Using to Promote Themselves to the World Ltd is a media for promoting tourism with the use of videos and encouraging people to book direct. The company has recently become a member of WTACH and is eager to help promote other Members, specifically places of historical and cultural importance.

WTACH Members can benefit from using as an alternative to the big OTA’s to promote themselves to the world without having to pay commission.

The company offers a free service for anyone to list a property and upload videos and photos and comments featuring the place listed. This is free.

Alternatively, there are three options for further promoting a place with a Sponsored Ad, where everything uploaded by a property will link to their website. This also makes it easy for people to discover more and most importantly book direct.

A listing on gives:

  • Increased exposure:tv has a large and engaged audience of potential tourists. By using to promote their destinations, WTACH Members can reach a wider audience and generate more interest in their offerings.
  • Enhanced brand awareness:tv can help WTACH Members to build brand awareness through videos that showcase their destinations in a positive light, and bringing to life to what they have or do
  • Improved website traffic: Videos also help to improve website traffic and engagement. This can lead to more bookings and increased revenue.
  • Boosted SEO: Videos can also help to improve SEO ranking, and with our Gold Package we further promote a destination with SEO specifically for them.
  • Increased social media engagement: Videos on can be shared on social media to generate interest and excitement about a destination. This can lead to more website traffic and bookings.
  • Global distribution:tv can distribute your videos to a global audience through its website, social media channels, and other partners.
  • Video production: This need not be a big full-scale production and with a phone or camera it is easy nowadays to create short engaging videos.
  • Multilingual support:tv can arrange professional videos in multiple languages, making them accessible to an even wider audience.

If you are a WTACH Member looking to promote your destination to the world, is a valuable resource that can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some specific examples of how WTACH Members can use to promote themselves:

  • A museum could create a video about its collection of artifacts and its educational programs.
  • A city could create a video about its historical sites, cultural attractions, and nightlife.
  • A region could create a video about its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and local cuisine.
  • A country could create a video about its diverse culture, unique attractions, and welcoming people.

No matter what type of destination you represent, can help you create and distribute videos that will engage and inspire potential visitors.

Contact today to learn more about how we can help you promote your destination to the world.


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By doing so they agree to a link exchange on their website between their company and, likely on the same page as their Social Media links. We will provide artwork. And we ask this is completed within 4 weeks.

Exclusions to this are Government Agencies, Tourist Boards and not-for-profit organisations who will be granted indefinite Sponsor Ads on our platform WITHOUT the need for a link exchange.

Other exclusions will be considered upon application to

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