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Betuyab - Belek Tourist Info
Local Info Belek Antalya Turkey
A true paradise for tourists on the shore of the Mediterranean in the midst of its own pine forests. Belek's natural beauty was discovered in 198
Rugby World Cup 2015
Sports Events   England
Former England heroes Lawrence Dallaglio, Will Greenwood and Martin Corry joined VisitBritain and VisitEngland at a gala event in Auckland marking the
Britain 'Be part of it'
General Information   Britain
Britain is made up of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, together with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Whichever direction you travel you w
Portugal - The Beauty of Simplicity
General Information   Portugal
Portugal, a land where everything is done as simply and easily as possible.
A country to relax in on the long sandy beaches alongside the Atlanti
Official Alanya Video
Local Info  Alanya Turkey
Alanya is a beach resort city in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, 166 kilometres from the city of Antalya. The population is almost entirely of Tur
Spain's Nature
General Information   Spain
From north to south, and east to west, the Spanish countryside can be enjoyed because of its beauty, different ecosystems and wide variety of activiti
Spain's Sun and Beaches
General Information   Spain
With thousands of kilometres of coastline, Spain is one of the best options for people who love the sea. The chance to practise all kinds of water spo
National Golf Club
Golf Courses Belek Antalya Turkey
The National Golf Club has as its strap line 'First and still the best'.
Opened in 1994 nobody can argue with it being first in the region, and a
Official Alanya Video
Local Info  Alanya Turkey
Alanya is a beach resort city in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, 166 kilometres from the city of Antalya. The population is almost entirely of Tur
Balearic Islands
General Information  Majorca, Menorca & Ibiza Spain
In the Balearic Islands you will discover amazing nature, incredible beaches, culture, and gastronomy.
The islands have some thing for everyone..
Local Info  Naples Italy
A quick look inside Naples

Britain is four countries, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, governed by one national Parliament, which is based in London.
It is a country steeped in history stretching back 100’s of years and many of the castles, palaces and other historic buildings from a bygone era, have been well preserved and are open to the public. Some of these have moved on with the times and now play host to concerts and other cultural activities.
British people are warm and friendly and very welcoming of visitors and love to engage in conversation. Stopping someone in the street to ask directions, asking advice of the famous black taxi driver or a chat over a pint in a pub - nothing is too much trouble. They are a proud people and want visitors to leave with a warm feeling in their heart.
The diversity of things to do and enjoy in Britain is huge and it is a country which has something for everyone.
In 2012 Britain and London in particular will play host to the Olympic Games.
Bulgaria – by constitution a parliament republic with local self rule and the political life of the country is based on the principal of state pluralism.
With 35% of its land mass covered in forest, Bulgaria is home to some of the world’s oldest trees and the brown bear and jackal are just two of the mammals you may encounter.
Bulgaria is steeped in tradition and ritual and these include Mummers, Laduvane, as well as other more localised customs and rose picking has returned as a tourist attraction.
With a temperate climate in the summer the Black Sea areas are very popular with tourists and in winter there is a growing demand for ski-ing, and the centres of Malyovitsa, Semkovo and Govedartsi are growing in popularity.
Bulgarian cuisine is very diverse although in many instances regionalised. However you will almost always find yoghurt on the table and of course Bulgarian wine is growing in popularity worldwide.
Croatia – On 25 June 1991, Croatia declared became a sovereign state and is now officially the Republic of Croatia. It is recognised as an emerging and developing economy by The International Monetary Fund.
With history in abundance it only takes a short journey to experience and learn more about this country’s exciting and glorious if somewhat turbulent past. From the Roman amphitheatre in Pula to the Diocletian Palace, which is one of a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Croatia one cannot help but be impressed.
For nature lovers Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe where the Mediterranean climate brings out the best in its natural fauna.
Croatia is also home to a growing number of yachts using its marinas for berthing in summer and winter, and there are a variety of sports available for all tourists to enjoy, including golf, sport fishing, diving and moutaineering. Also in winter there are excellent ski facilities.
France – a republic with strong democratic traditions, led by the President who is Head of State and his appointed Prime Minister.
The country has an abundance of cultural and historical places to visit and see, including the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Palace of Versailles. You can also visit or even stay in one of the many chateaux around the country.
Mention France to anyone and food will not be far from their thoughts, as the French pride themselves and are renowned for their haute cuisine, along with many choices of fine wines at all price levels. Not least of which is genuine Champagne.
France also plays host to Disneyland, Paris which attracts a record numbers of visitors each year and for those looking to see and be seen why not go to the Cote D’Azur in the summer where it is reckoned 50% of the world’s super yachts with their owners visit each year.
Ireland – one country with two national governments - Northern Ireland governed from London (Britain) and The Irish Republic governed from Dublin in Ireland. But the people from all over this island are some of the friendliest you will find anywhere.
The country has a strong sense of tradition going back hundreds of years and has its own folklore, which is reflected in its music, dancing and traditional Irish food. It is also famed for its Guinness beer.
The scenery around Ireland is spectacular and diverse and the cities, towns and villages around the country all have their own charm, and quaintness.
Israel – declared a state in 1948 and governed by a parliamentary republic. It is the only Jewish majority state in the world.
A contrasting country especially in Jerusalem where three of the great religions of the world have important sites which are pivotal to their beliefs, i.e. The Western Wall & Temple Mount (Jews), Al-Aqsa Morsque (Muslim) and Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Christian).
In the modern cities like Tel Aviv, there are many bars and restaurants similar to those found in any major international city and its nearby neighbour Jaffa is home to some very unusual and original art.
There are no shortages of wonders and experiences in Israel, including floating in the Dead Sea or the underwater coral in the Red Sea, which also borders Egypt and Jordan.
Visitors to Israel should be aware that the weekend starts on a Friday and that on Saturday, the Sabbath, many shops and businesses are closed. Sunday is a normal working day.
Italy – is a republic with a parliamentary government based on a proportional voting system. The government is led by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, and are appointed by the President, but must also pass a vote of confidence in the parliament before taking office.
The country is well known for its land shape representing the boot. Italy is also home to the Vatican which is a state in its own right based in Rome.
History is in abundance and visitors marvel at the Roman amphitheatres, and the country has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sights.
Shopping is the last word in chic and Milan its fashion centre is where many of the world’s leading fashion designers launch their new collections to the world.
With a rich tapestry of food, no visit to Italy would be complete without eating pizza or pasta.
Portugal – the most westerly country in Europe and a Republic since its monarchy was overthrown in 1910.
Modern Portugal is a place to relax in on the long sandy beaches alongside the Atlantic Ocean, or enjoy the pleasure of long walks amongst the beauty of its nature. In the resorts one can find many of the modern day attractions one associates with a holiday, including a number of internationally famous golf courses.
Culture and history plays a strong part in its daily life and tiles and ceramics form an important part of its art.
Portugal is a wine producing country and is famous for its Port & Madeira Wine. It also supplies half of the world’s cork production.
Spain - a democratic kingdom and a country which was at the forefront of overseas tourism in the 1960’s, attracting many people to its Mediterranean coastline for warm summer holidays.
In more recent years parts of the country have developed into a major playground attracting people from all over the world including the rich and famous to its resorts, while the older cities and towns, as well as the Balearic Islands have also retained their charm. Spain is a diverse country with its various cultures and although Spanish is the main language, Catalan is widely spoken in the north west of the country around Barcelona.
Spanish cuisine is highly regarded internationally as is its wine and beer, and the Spanish way of life, is centred on enjoying long leisurely dinners especially in the late evening.
Turkey – a republic established in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founder of modern day Turkey after the demise of the Ottoman Empire.
Situated on the borders of Europe and Asia, it is the country where ‘east meets west’ and the culture of its people reflect this with their traditional ways living alongside the modernity of a thriving western society.
With history going back to biblical days it has much to offer those researching the early years, and it is also a rich haven for the eco tourist, with its birdlife and spectacular scenic walks.
Recent years have seen Turkey’s tourism expand rapidly with many visitors to its cities and coastal regions as well as experiencing the thrill of balloon flights over the famous chimneys of Capadoccia.
Pace of life can be a little slower than other Western countries but its people are very hospitable and drinking tea together and talking is a national past time.
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